Some of your Questions:

Q. How can I get the rebate?

According to the New Jersey Law, Buyer's Rebate Agreement must be signed in order to get a cash back rebate. This agreement protects and guarantees the rebate and our services during the entire transaction and it can be cancelled any time - no strings attached. The next step would be to start your home search utilising online search engines like, Zillow or Trulia or MLS Listing alerts. We tour the chosen homes together or Buyers can visit Open Houses on their own but always mentioning they work with a Realtor. Once a property is chosen we write and present the offer, handle all the negotiations, arrange for attorney review, schedule inspections, help on mortgage application, appraisal, title search, all paperwork and legwork thru the day of closing. The Rebate will be credited towards Buyer's closing costs, or will be issued as a check - in accordance with the Rebate Agreement.

Q. Why do you give a Buyer's Rebate?

Our Company allows to give Buyer's Rebate. A Company must have a policy in place before an agent is allowed to give the Buyer's Rebate. Most companies take a big chunk of buyer's agent commission from an agent's paycheck but our company charges economical fees to its agents allowing them to share their commission with you..

Q. New Construction

When you buy a new construction it is the easiest way to get 2% Rebate. Most builders welcome agents and grant them a commission. But builders never give any discounts directly to their buyers, so if you want to save big on your purchase you'd better stick with us :) Keep in mind you need to inform the builder you have an agent and to register together at the first visit.

Q. Open Houses

Open houses are ussually organized on newly listed properties and the ones with recent price change. Finding your desired property through an open house is your best opportunity to get maximum rebate, but you must sign in our name and contact information in order to make it clear to agents hosting that open house that you already work with the realtor.

Q. When do I get the Rebate?

The Rebate will be reflected in your closing documents reducing your Closing Costs and/or other pre-paid costs.

Q. Can I lose the Rebate?

Yes, we will not be able to represent you until you have signed a Buyer Rebate Agreement (you may cancel this agreement anytime). The Buyer Rebate Agreement will protect and guarantee the rebate at closing and our services during the entire transaction. Once you sign a Buyer Rebate Agreement with us, you must let other parties know you are being represented. If you are asked if you have an agent, the most appropriate response would be "YES, I/we have an agent at this time". Never misrepresent yourself to a realtor and/or homeowner or trick him/her into showing you the property, then switch agencies, it’s unethical. We will not be able to represent you if that occurs and you will lose out on the rebate.